…place, where steam lives

Upcoming events:

Mimořádné otevření muzea

27. 9. 2021

V roce 2021 mimořádně otevřeme i v pondělí 27. září od 9 do 16 hodin. Kromě toho bude otevřeno každou sobotu, neděli a v úterý 28. září na státní svátek. Také budeme mít otevřeno o podzimních prázdninách 27. - 31. října.

Příprava expozice na sezónu 2019
News from steam depot:

Českolipská vagónka

16. 9. 2021

Článek ze sborníku Bezděz věnovaný historii vagónky v České Lípě a obecně i výrobě železničních vozů na našem území autorů M. Hofmana, J. Kačerové (z našeho muzea) a F. Šváchy.

Posun nákladních vozů vedle rotundy

We are inviting you to visit a steam depot, which is over 110 years old. Relive with us the period of steam locomotives dominanting the railways. In addition to steam and diesel locomotives, you will also see a battery engine from 1916. Passenger and freight railcars are an integral part of the exhibition. Furthermore there is a railroad crane, low loader for transporting railcars on road or mechanical signals for example. In addition, you will learn about the daily life in the steam depot and how steam engines are operated. Find out more about the life and control of the railways. The museum also hosts a number of nostalgic rides and other events during the season.

Museum opening hours

January to April closed, visits can be arranged
May and June Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
July and August daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
September and October Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
November and December closed, visits can be arranged

Entrance fees

Basic (adults) 80 CZK
Discounted (children from 6 to 15 years, students to the age of 26, retirees, disabled) 60 CZK
Halved (children from 3 to 6 years) 40 CZK
Children under 3 Free of charge
Family ticket (2 adults + up to 3 children under 15) 220 CZK

Booking tours

If you are interested in a tour of the railway museum past the opening hours, or if you are planning an excursion with an organized group, please contact us using the email or phone number below. Tours are not limited to a minimum number of people, we do them even for one visitor. Minimum admission past opening hours is 300CZK. Tour contact person:

Pavel Černý prohlidky@vytopnajaromer.cz

Museum tour

Visitors can choose whether to see the exhibition themselves or with a guide. For a tour without a guide, signs with brief information and technical data are provided for significant exhibits (only in czech language).

Guided tours usually start on request of visitors, there is no exact time for the tour. Newcomers can join the ongoing group or wait for the next. The guide introduces visitors to the individual parts of the steam depot, its operation and history. He also gives basic information about the museum's exhibits. The tour time ranges from 40 to 90 minutes according to the visitors' interest. It is also possible to carry out foreign language tours, but it is necessary to book in advance, otherwise it depends on the abilities of the present guide.

Where to find us

The railway museum "Výtopna Jaroměř" is located in the former steam depot next to the Jaroměř railway station in direction of Hradec Králové. From the station you can reach us by path along the mechanical signals exhibiton. The direction to the museum is also marked on the tourist signpost in front of the station.

Map of the museum

  • 1. Ticket office, WC, gift shop
  • 2. Path to the museum
  • 3. Round-house, main exhibition
  • 4. Coal deposit
  • 5. Turn-table
  • 6. Water tower
  • 7. Ashpit with water crane
  • 8. Mechanical signals exhibition
  • 9. Low loader for road transport
  • 10. Disassembled coal crane
  • 11. Passenger railcars' body
  • 12. Jaroměř railway station
  • 13. Parts of class 464.0 steam locomotive
  • 14. Paring lot

The exact placement of locomotives, railcars and other exhibits can change.

By car

On the main roads in Jaroměř, the way to the museum is marked by directional signs of brown color with the pictogram of the steam locomotive and the inscription museum. You can park your car in the parking lot in front of or opposite the station building. From there follow the pavement to the steam depot.

By train

If you come by train, exit the station building and head left to the path into the museum.

On foot or by bike

There is a yellow tourist trail leading to the Jaroměř railway station and from the station there are pointers to the pavement along the mechanical signals exhibition to the museum. St. James' Trail and the Elbe Cycle Path are nearby and the city's signposts lead to the station and directly to the railway museum. Bikes, strollers or backpacks can be deposited in the ticket office.